Vientiane Happy ending Massage: expectations Vs. reality

Massages are a big part of the Southeast Asian traveling experience. As Laos gains more popularity amongst travelers from all over the world, so do their massages. People are no longer just looking to experience a traditional Thai massage, or a Balinese massage; people are now looking for Lao traditional massages and visitors to this country always seek to find the best possible experience. Within the travelers, there is a always a certain number of them who likes to get things to get more spicy and playful during their massage sessions. In other words, these travelers are trying to find a good happy ending massage. This guide will discuss some of the things people expect to find in this kind of experience, compared to the happy ending experience that they actually get while in Vientiane.

Let’s start by pointing out the main reason why some people decide to come to Asia: they have a thing for Asians; they dream of having the perfect Asian boy or girl as a lifetime partner and of course, a trip to the east can bring them closer to reality. One of the ways to please their desire, although not necessarily the most morally correct one, is by getting an erotic massage. Or at least, to get a happy ending as they finish their massage session. A simple release and an orgasm brings a deep connection between the costumer and their masseuse. This is what people mean when they say they want to get a happy ending massage in Vientiane, a fulfilling experience that will come close to pleasing their wild dreams. They hope to find this option available at every corner around town.

Although happy ending massages are the loudest secret in most Asian countries, in Laos is actually quite the opposite. Lao people are more reserved, their rules are more strict in terms of sexual acts and so, this combination of things makes a happy ending a taboo. It is something you do not talk about and you do not walk around hoping to find it at every parlor you go to. Vientiane, being the capital, is not an exception to this rule. Although you can find eager staff at some dodgy, hidden places, a happy ending is not part of any massage menu in town. In fact, the Lao law states that sexual interactions are reserved for married people only and anything out of that pretty much breaks the rules.

At the end, the reality is that if you are looking for a happy ending, Laos is not the place for it. There are many cities around Southeast Asia where you will find a happy ending, but Vientiane is not big on it. Nonetheless, you can still find great massages that will awaken your senses without breaking any social rules. In fact, the traditional Lao massage is so steady and strong that it might provoke some sexual feelings within you. The best advice is to go out around Vientiane and try as many massages as you can, your body will thank you and you will get a booster for the energies you use during your trips.

But I am not saying that you will not find happy ending massage in Vientiane. There are many secret spots where you can get exotic and happy ending services in Vientiane. We will provide full detail info: soon. Please keep in touch with our blog.

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