Life by the Mekong River: A Guide to the Best Spa in Vientiane

The Mekong River is one of Southeast Asia’s most famous landmarks as it is the largest river in the region and also one that serves as a natural border between the countries in the golden peninsula, all the way down to Vietnam and Cambodia. In Laos, the Mekong River is a natural landscape that you can easily enjoy by just stepping out a few steps from your home or hotel, if you are staying in the busy part of town.For that reason, if you walk by the river, you will hit some of the best massage parlors in town. You just have to keep your eyes wide open.

Sabaidee Massage

Sabaidee is an expression that Thai people use to greet each other. In Laos, that is also the name of a massage parlor you find as you walk or bike along the river, in the Ban Anou area. At Sabaidee you will find a very affordable and good massage. You just have to walk a few meters from the Mekong Shore Boardwalk and you will find this little parlor with all its services. According to the information they provide, the place is open 24 hours (except for Saturdays), which makes it a perfect spot for people who go out very late at night or who want to have their massage very early in the morning.

Here is the address for Sabaidee Massage: 052/2 Khun Bulom

Latitude: 17°57’56.47″
Longitude: 102°36’6.48″

Pakpone Massage

Staff at Pakpone massage Vientiane

Pakpone is another massage parlor you can get the best massage service in Vientiane. This place promises to be cheap and professional, and their specialty is the Lao massage. They have staff that is well trained in traditional practices and they all seek to meet the needs of exhausted travelers who need some relaxation. While Pakpone is a great spa for massages, they are working in starting a new Beauty Salon as well, so costumers can also enjoy hair, make up and body treatments along with the already famous massages that made them popular. Their spot is easy to find as you only need to walk along the river on Quai Fa Ngum and you will find it just a bit before you hit Rue Nongdouang if you are coming from the west side of town.

You can easily find their place at Google.

Lao Phu Thai Massage

Perhaps this one is not right on the riverside, but you can easily find it if you walk a few blocks up, on Sihom Road. This parlor is open from 9am all the way to 10pm, and costumers who have visited claim it is an extraordinary experience. As the name suggests it, this massage parlor does not focus solely on Lao techniques, but it also incorporates Thai practices into their massages. For that reason, some of the treatments you can find in their menu include a mixture of traditional and alternative massages for the costumers. You can visit them for a simple body massage, or you can also purchase a package that includes body steam, scrubs, a massage and even a herbal drink that will make it a wholesome experience.

There are so many hidden small spots around the city, and walking along the river makes for a great way to start exploring.

This guide only includes traditional and ordinary massage and you may not get any extra service like happy ending. If you are interesting about happy ending massage in Vientiane, we have posted some info: about it in our blog.

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