What’s a Lao massage and where to get it while in Vientiane?

Laos is the country in Southeast Asia that is slowly coming to surface. More people seem to be aware of the wonders of Luang Prabang, the famous loops in the south, and of course, the wonders of Vientiane. Slowly, the landlock paradisal lands of Laos are becoming more popular every day. While massages are still not well known everywhere, everyone who has tried a traditional Lao massage is aware of how strong and therapeutic it can be. As a visitor to Laos, Vientiane, the capital, is a must. More than the great food and the Buddhist heritage, Vientiane is full with a handful of massage parlors that will give you the traditional Lao massage you need.

Lao Massages are actually very easily to find in Vientiane. Being a local signature, this massage is available pretty much everywhere. What makes a traditional Lao massage in Vientiane, different to other massages in the area, comes down to a few factors. First of all, a Lao massage is more firm and steady, that sometimes it produces pain. The masseuse is likely to add pressure with body weight and the focus will be on pressure points that will be treated with rhythmic repetition. As opposed to other massages, where the customer is almost fully stripped off from clothes, the places for Lao massages usually offer a pajama for you to wear.

A good place to look for a traditional Lao massage is the riverside. Along the Mekong you can find a lot of parlors, from very small shops, all the way to big hotels and spas. Regardless of the venue, Lao people seem to be always professional and caring with their customers. Pakpone and Champa are two of the most popular spots by the river. They are both open until late in the evening and they have been established for a long time, which testifies to their professionalism and commitment to great Lao massages.

Another spot known for its massages is the Lao Plaza Hotel. The central location of this venue makes it a perfect spot for anyone who does not know how to start on a journey around Vientiane. This spot is hard to miss as it easily pops out among the scarce city skyline. The standards of hygiene are pretty high, which makes for a very comfortable experience from the moment you walk into your massage session. Similarly, Vientiane Plaza Hotel also offers an authentic and satisfying Lao massage.Other options near Lao Plaza are Mandarina Spa and another venue by Champa, which offers the same care and proper service as the one near the river.

As you explore, you will come to realize that Vientiane is not that big, yet it will have more than plenty of options for you to find the Lao massage that you need. If you walk along the main areas of the city, you will find a parlor for an authentic Lao experience in no time. All it takes is for you to have determination to find it.

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