Why Are Oil Massages Better in Vientiane?

With almost a dozen of countries spread across the largest archipelagos of the world, the golden peninsula and the former Indochina, Southeast Asia is a paradise for those who seek wild adventures off the beaten path. When it comes to Laos, adventures can be even more remote and rough than its neighboring countries as most of the territory has not been fully explored by tourists and the local authorities have not fully exploited its potential, which makes it a perfect destination for travelers who seek to find their own path.

While being on such a rough and wild landscape, travelers are usually in need of some relaxation. Although Thailand and Indonesia are constantly named as the ultimate destinations for spa treatments, this is one of the areas where Laos has stepped up its game and now offers a wide range of massages in countless parlors spread all over the country, especially in its capital city, Vientiane.

Perhaps the most common treats are the traditional Lao massages. However, oil massages are also popular in this city and here are three reasons why an oil massage is better in Vientiane than in other cities in the region.


Everything in Laos is actually quite affordable. When it comes to massages, they are incredibly cheap and you can get an oil massage for about 80,000 to 100,000 Kip, which roughly converts into something around 10 USD. When you look at the great service and the professionalism of the staff, this price feels like a really good deal. Evidently, cities in the western hemisphere would probably charge twice or even three times the Lao price. The parlors might not be as attractive as they would be somewhere else, but their professional service and the overall experience make up for it and surely makes it feel like a luxury that you get for almost nothing.


Lao masseurs and masseuses have very strong hands, but they also know how to use oil and make the experience something soothing and pleasant, as opposed to the traditional local massages that hurt in a good way. An oil massage in Vientiane is actually a great experience as they have a lot of oil options that sometimes even include scented oils with soothing aromas such as lavender, eucalyptus and sandalwood, among other popular options.

Plenty of Parlors

Another reason why an oil massage is better in Vientiane is simply because of the variety of options that the city provides. Although nothing ever feels too expensive, compared to western prices, there are variety of prices, spa packages and services available in the different spots around town. Just in the central area of the city there are more than a dozen parlors and spas that offer oil massages in Vientiane. It does not matter where in the city you are staying, there will likely be a parlor right on your street, or at least a local masseur o masseuse who can surely provide you with what you need. The massage options in Vientiane are countless.

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