The Best Massage Spot in Laos

Some people visit Laos for their pristine and untouched landscapes, some others visit the country for its strong ties to ancestral buddhist practices, and some others just visit it because they want to see something new, off the beaten path. Only a few people go to Laos in search of a good massage. However, an overall spa experience should be a part of every traveler’s bucket list. Being along the lines that separate North Asia from Southeast Asia, Laos combines a set of ancient Chinese practices and traditional Thai methods, bringing together the best of both worlds into Laos.

Now, some people might be wondering what is the best spot for a massage in Laos? The answer to such question is relative, as customers have different expectations and they tend to favor and praise the massage parlors that best align with their needs. Nonetheless, some customers from different backgrounds have expressed their opinions online and by combining their thoughts, we’ve managed to find what might be the best sport for a massage in Laos.

In terms of tourism, Laos is not as developed as its neighbors. For that reason, finding the popular massage spots can be narrowed down to one out of these two options: Vientiane or Luang Prabang. Vientiane is the capital city while Luang Prabang is the country’s cultural hub. Among these two, Vientiane seems to offer more prestigious options. One of the reasons for this might have to do with its strategic location at the center of the country, gathering staff with outstanding skills, along with products that include a wide range of aromas and other items needed for customers to get the best oil massage in Vientiane. After all, it is the capital city so in Vientiane one can only expect to find the most complete set of options that the country can offer.

Although there wouldn’t be a general consensus in regards to the best massage spot in Vientiane, many foreigners who have visited Laos agree that Herbal Sauna offers some of the best massages that they have gotten, not only during their time in Laos, but in their overall lifetime. Some of the aspects that make it their best experience ever, is a combination of affordable prices and the practice of ancient massage techniques. One of the most popular massages offered at Herbal Sauna is the Chinese massage. This one is a combination of a back muscle massage and the use of 10 cups applied to the back four times during the course of one hour. The price for such pleasure is just 100k Kip. Other than massages, you can also try the sauna and their scrubs.

Although English is limited in this area, the staff and everyone around are friendly and will help out whenever visitors have questions. Make sure you have access to internet and a GPS powered map because some of the best massage spots are quite hidden and will require you to be fully alert so you don’t miss them while you’re on the road.

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