A night stroll in Vientiane: where to stop by for a massage in Vientiane

Vientiane is a great city to explore at night. With all of its French influenced streets, the night markets and the vibrancy of local activities, the city has a lot to offer. Now, for those who are worn out by the many activities of the day, Vientiane also has something for them: relaxing massages and affordable spa experiences. Not everything at night has to be drinking and crazy partying, a city can also offer a great moment of relaxation and Vientiane surely knows how to do it. Here is a list of some spas that offer great massages and most importantly, these places stay open until late:

Champa Spa

One of the main things that make Champa Spa so good, is the warm hospitality of its staff. Lao hospitality is indeed a thing, and at this Vientiane spa parlor, all customers feel welcome and taken care of. Champa remains open until a bit after sunset hours, which makes it possible to make reservations all the way until 9:00pm. They have two locations, one by the river, a block away from the Presidential Palace, just off Fa Ngum road. The other location is near Samsenthai Road, on the opposite corner to Lao Plaza Hotel.

Some of the services that they offer include full body massages, which can be anything from the traditional head, shoulders and back massage, all the way to Lao Traditional Herbal massages. They also offer aromatherapy and even a Lao Fusion Body Massage. Additionally, they also do eyelash extensions, facials and hair treatments. Champa is definitely the place to stop by before a night out, or a good way to finish a busy day of exploring.

When I visited there in 2018, I felt that it worth every penny. My friend and I both have traditional Laos herbal massage. My masseur is sweet, strong and professional. But before writing this blog, I checked trip advisor review on Champa Spa and I saw mixed review between good and bad. But overall rating sits on the good side.

Herbal Sauna

Another spot that stays open until late, is the popular, yet off the beaten path, Herbal Sauna. Yes, this sauna is not so easy to find, as it is just off Th Chao Anou, near the river, but there are no big signs pointing to it. However, everyone who has found this spot seems to love everything about it. This spot is a perfect way to start your nightlife experience in this Asian capital.

One of the most popular treatments is their yogurt and coffee scrub, which costumers claim to make the skin smooth and is one of the reasons many of them keep coming back. Also popular is their oil massage, which is a signature treatment all over the city, and the Herbal Sauna certainly knows how to do it.

Most visitors also enjoy steam sauna and recommend to try it. Worth trying.

Mandarina Spa

Mandarina is another small and popular spa, with plenty of options. Their spa menu includes scrubs, aromatherapy, simple foot massages, waxing, and others. Nonetheless, what makes Mandarina quite special is their set of massage packages that get you a lot of treatments at very affordable prices. One of their packages includes a head, shoulder and back massage, along with a herbal massage, while other packages include body scrubs and oil massages within the same deal. Mandarina definitely has something for everyone. The most important thing is that Mandarina also takes reservations all the way until 9pm, which makes it a great stop on your way to great nightlife in Vientiane.

Just like that, it becomes evident that massages can be part of your nightlife without a doubt, so make sure you get one next time you visit Vientiane.

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